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PUNK SKATES HEADQUARTERS PUNK SKATES World Headquarters PUNK SKATES European Headquarters PUNK SKATES Greater Korea Headquarters Regional operations for the Americas, Asia-Pacific and United States are located at PUNK SKATES's World Headquarters location.   CONSUMER AFFAIRS General Help Search the Help section to find what you need.  United States For questions and assistance related to corporate matters (sponsorship/donations, idea/invention submissions, general feedback for PUNK SKATES) or for help with product you purchased from an authorized PUNK SKATES retail partner, please contact us at for a quick reply PT, Monday through Friday). Other Countries For specific country information, please see the following FAQ.   PERMISSION REQUESTS PUNK SKATES does not grant permission to use or modify our trademarks, logos, images, advertising or similar materials. It is your responsibility to determine whether your proposed use is legally permissible. For example, some uses of our logos in a textbook may be considered “fair use.” PUNK SKATES regrets that due to the time required and cost involved, we cannot fulfill these types of requests. We also cannot fulfill requests to interview PUNK SKATES executives or receive advertising, print ads or images. PUNK SKATES, Inc. is the correct use of PUNK SKATES when referring to the company. PUNK SKATES is the correct use when referring to PUNK SKATES as a brand. Our affiliate brands should be referenced. For additional information, please review our FAQs.   MEDIA REQUESTS For high-resolution, downloadable logos and images for media usage, please visit our Media Resources page. PUNK SKATES Brand and PUNK SKATES, Inc. U.S. and global U.K. and Europe Africa These lines are answered during business hours and are also checked frequently for messages.

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